Rapid process automation increases computer vision popularity. Businesses are busy implementing and adopting new technology to achieve better precision and control. The benefits of machine vision are growing in every industry. The increasing number of success stories inspires late adopters. Better detection, more accurate segmentation makes innovative projects possible.

MetaVision's mission is to boost next-generation machine vision solutions as well as let developers across the world create custom cutting-edge solutions. Accurate video stream segmentation is unbelievably complex and resources consuming.

The ideas is to make machine vision systems more accurate and simpler for end-users. This will define multiple positive changes in the industry and might also help address various business and technological challenges.

Reliable data and datasets are required for effective and accurate segmentation. When there is a lack of data sets for training a model or datasets quality is far from being sufficient the segmentation result will be inaccurate.

Complex flower segmentation

A properly prepared and well-curated dataset might provide better value compared to a pre-trained model. MetaVision's initial goal is to provide reliable training sets as well as reliable pre-trained models and ready to be used solutions.

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